Mrs. Leedy Makes History

Grace Barker

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Mrs. Leedy Makes History

Angie Leedy is amazing at what she does. She teaches History here at Davis High. She doesn’t only teach history but walks you through the most important times in history as if you are actually there. She found a love for history while watching her father work on case in front of the supreme court.

“He got to meet a lot of historical figures like Malcolm X, and Thurgood Marshall so I just kind of fell in love with hearing his stories and it turned in to a love for history.” says Mrs. Leedy

She planned on going into law but being a junior at University of Utah she changed her mind, law wasn’t for her. She has taught here at Davis High School since 2004, she was at Layton for 2 years, and at Syracuse jr for 8 years. Each teacher has their annoyance and Leedy’s big struggle is phones.

“I think kids are so focused on their phones and the latest tweet or Instagram post.” she says.

Phones make Leedy feel like she has to babysit us to keep them away.

Every year she helps put together an assembly about the civil rights and she always finds the coolest speakers to come and teach the Junior class more about that time period. She is always amazed to see the turn out of all the students who want to come and learn.

Her influence even reaches the faculty.

“I consider Angie to have been a great mentor to me, she goes out of her way to include me and provide a stern reminder when needed. She’s been very influential in my early teaching career.” Said Travis Frey a second year teacher at Davis High School.

Her hope for all her students is to know and appreciate the events and people that helped change our history. She is loved by many of her students and colleagues. I personally learned so much in her class and i know if her student follow her guided notes and listen to her knowledge they will learn so much.

Davis High is so grateful to have Angie Leedy as a teacher here.