Little known facts about the Winter Formal

Scott Swain

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Christmas is coming, Sub for Santa is in full swing, and Davis is due for a dance. All this could only mean one thing: the night of the annual Winter Formal is approaching rapidly.

For those that don’t know, the Winter Formal is a girl’s choice dance held at Davis High. However, the likelihood that a student at Davis still doesn’t know is slim, so here’s some information the average student might not know.

In addition to the usual festivities, the dance will also have a special performance from the jazz combo, Nightingale, featuring Sam West. This is nice because the jazz band room that usually goes along with the Homecoming dance was absent this year.

Instead of buying pricey boutonnieres or corsages for your date, Senior Committee is selling pins and bracelets at lunch to raise money for Sub for Santa. This allows students to be charitable and save money at the same time.

The dance starts at 7:00, but most people show up around 8:00. Chances are you’ll have a fun time spending time with your date or visiting with your friends.

Despite the popular opinion that the dance itself is the least exciting thing about the date, it’s still a good time whether you’re the person who loves to jam out to the music, the person who prefers to just talk to some friends, or the person who’s just there for your date.

Other essential parts of the dance include the day date, dinner on the night of the dance, and professionally done pictures of the group. While these are not required, they are tradition, so your date might expect it. Hopefully by now all that stuff is planned and taken care of.

The night of the dance will also mark the beginning of asking to the Sweethearts dance. Whether or not you appreciate the trend, the trend will continue, so don’t be surprised when it happens.

For those guys who haven’t been asked you can always go stag. For those girls who haven’t asked, there’s still a few days and there’s plenty of guys who haven’t been asked who would love to go.

There’s not much else to say about the dance. It’s a dance; it will be fun; come and have a good time. Hopefully something in this unorganized mess of words was relevant, new, or exciting information. If so, hopefully you’re successfully psyched to go. If not, then you already know how fun it will be.