Pros and Cons of getting braces

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A lot of people have questions about weather or not its worth getting braces, especially since it takes multiple years to get the straight teeth you want, and what happens if you don’t get those straight teeth you were hoping for? And on top of that, is it worth the money? The Pain? The look? I’ll give you an inside look on what students think about braces, from experience or just their opinions.

Isaac Whipple, a Junior at Davis, says if you do get them, get them while your young, don’t wait until your an adult to get them. “If you wait until your 20 and get braces, then you should just embrace your bad teeth if you wait that long.” Isaac got his braces at the end of his 7th grade year, and got them off at the end of junior high, and is now blessed with a good smile.

Everyone knows braces make your teeth straight and puts your jaws in the right place. Most people would want their teeth straight. If your lucky your born with straight teeth and don’t have to worry about getting braces, but most people aren’t as lucky. The cons about braces is how expensive they are and how long you have to deal with them. Braces can be as expensive as around 5 thousand dollars without insurance, and usually worn for multiple years. From personal experience the first couple days really hurt, and every time you tighten them you also feel discomfort.

Joe Quillen, also a junior at Davis, says its not worth getting braces because of how expensive they are, along with how you have to look for multiple years. “The way people look with braces are not as good as they can look with crooked teeth.”

The end decision is up to you but it seems that more people are for getting braces for the lasting benefit it gives you, regardless of the cost of pain you have to deal with. Getting the smile you want for your life is worth any amount of money.