Christmas Break Traditions


Today is the last day of school before Christmas break.  Everyone is looking forward to the 2 weeks off of school. It is good time to relax and do nothing or get caught up on homework.

Many love Christmas break due to the time off, but it wouldn’t be as special without family traditions. My traditions, for example, is putting up a tent and sleeping next to the tree over all of the break. Then for New Years we go get dinner, buy snacks, then go home and watch movies tell midnight.

Student, Isaac Howard loves the break. He even goes as far as saying it is his favorite time of the year.

“My family traditions are we go to my grandmas house on Christmas, then we go out of town. We normally go to California, but this year we are going to go shorter and hit Las Vegas instead. Then we come back for the last few days and just chill”

Christmas is a good time to go and spend time with your family. It is good to see students spending time with family and experienced the world.

“I cuddle with siblings on the couch on Christmas eve, waiting for Santa. We watch 17 Miracles then get ready for bed. We put our jamies on and put some cookies and chocolate milk out. We always put carrots out too, the reindeer have a long journey. When we wake up, we run into our parents bed and jump on them. Then we drive up to the Bountiful temple, and say our prayers outside the gates. My parents want us to remember the reason for the season. Then we head back home and read all of Matthew chapter 1 before we upon presents. After presents we go to my grandmas house and reenact the birth of Christ, not the 3 wisemen coming, the birth. My sister is Mary, I am Joseph, then my little brother is baby Jesus. Then my other little brother is the ass. I love Jesus” said Connor Finlinson.

Connor loves Christmas and you could see him light up when he talked about it!

Chirstmas break is a great time and I’m very excited for it. I’m most looking forward to the presents because I love stuff, but I’m also excited to give presents. I’ll see you all again after the break!!!