New year resolutions


It is that time of year again. When everyone is making their new years resolutions. Have you thought of what yours are going to be. They are very popular and have been popular for a v long time. Lots of people make lots of different resolutions. Including most students that attend Davis High school. Student Elijah Williamson has made some goals this year, such as,

“I like to make a fitness goal, and a mental goal. So this year, I am making two goals. One to run every day. And then to also try and learn something new every single day.”

These goals are often made to better or make ones life easier. In lots of cases, people make goals to be healthier, or workout everyday. But often these goals are to hard and people tend to quite or fail them. There are two very simple ways to keep this from happening.

One is pretty obvious, start out by setting some more attainable or easier goals. Make goals that you know you will be able to do and as you go on, continue to make more harder goals for your self. Another harder way for this is don’t use excuses not to do it. Everyone does it, after you make a hard goal some popular excuses are I am already doing it good enough, and that they just simply don have the time to do it.

That is the worst excuse. If you every say that you don’t have enough time, you DO. You can always cut out something. especially in todays world, you could just stay off of your phone for couple extra minute here and there. And use that time, to make your goals become present. You can get them done. And soon enough, your goals will become a part of your daily life. And they will become easy so that you can start making new harder goals for yourself.

Overall, these resolutions that you set all year are to better your life. They will make you a better person and make your daily life easier and better. You will be doing more useful things rather than sitting around wasting you time.