Chaos of lunch

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Here at Davis High students are crunched with time during lunch. Lunch is about forty five minutes ever day except for tuesday when it is a short thirty minutes.

With this very short time students have to come up with quick places to go get food and get back to the school in time for class. You have to count in driving and ordering in some cases. but with all students leaving at the same time it makes it hard to get our of the parking lot. Which cuts into the already short lunch.

A popular lunch for students here at Davis High is going to each others houses in a rotation. Students have their parents prepare a lunch and they go over to their house with their friends and eat the already prepared lunch and go back to school. and then repeat at another one of their houses.

There are also lots of very popular fast food places to go to during lunch. Student Elijah Williamson said,

“Me and my friends like to either go to one of our houses. or if we don’t have any prepared food, we like to go to either big Daddys pizza, or Wendys. Because both of these places are very close and cheap. And also is a lot of food for the cost.”

But along with Wendy’s and Big Daddy’s, there are lots of other choices, like Old Griss Mill, Bowmans, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, And Taco Time. And many many more.

Students have gotten lunch down to a science. Student Connor Finlinson said,

“We sprint out of the school, jump in someones car and drive as fast as we can to our destination. And jump out of the car sprint inside eat our food and sprint back school to be on time class.”

Overall, lunch is a very chaotic time of the day, but yet still a relief for the students.