The Art of Storytelling

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We, as humans, rely on our ability to empathize and relate to other people. We do this through many ways, whether that is through social media, face to face, or storytelling. Storytelling is the most important because every single person has something they are trying to convey. Storytelling is all around us, in theater, paintings, books, music, and as we try to communicate with our peers.

Everyone around us is telling a story through one of these things, and even other things. Think of all the people we look up to who do things theater related. Whether it be in movies, or on stage. Many students at our school do theater and in each of their performances they are trying to tell a story. I was in theater myself and sometimes we had to write and perform our own story. In every performance I was trying to convey a message. These messages could range from hope, to utter despair.

This is the same with those in our school who write books, who paint and draw, who listen and make music. These are all important because it shows our peers who we are, what we like to do, and sometimes who we want to be.

We can connect with people this way and it is important to find which one of these things you enjoy. And it does not have to specifically be theater, or writing, or music. It can be anything that just shows people what you are about. So find what you like to do and start communicating.