Students and the gym life

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Davis high is a very up-to-date school as far as trends and styles go. Everyday students are seen wearing hyped shoes and expensive clothing, as well as unique styles like baggy pants, retro clothing, and furry coats. Along with these style trends, students at Davis high enjoy doing trendy activities like Skiing and visiting popular eating and gathering spots.

This year a new trend has made it’s rise and it may surprise many of you. Going to the gym after school and on weekends has become a very popular activity for many students. Student Raef Thomas says:

“The gym is a great place to go with friends to have fun and stay in shape through the winter.”

Many students often make the effort to visit the gym multiple times a week in order to get a good workout in and sometimes just to spend time with friends. Either way, visiting the gym has become a very popular and healthy lifestyle trend that come to the attention at Davis High.