How to Avoid distractions and ultimately failing

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How to Avoid distractions and ultimately failing

Some distractions in school environments may be caused by lateness, talking, or even something as easy as eating or gum chewing. As soon as another student walks in late all attention goes to that student instead of the learning material being taught. Talking to other peers brings attention away from the instructor and puts it on what Jimmy Parker said last Friday. A lot of classrooms have a no eating rule in the classroom for the obvious one of the mess made on flooring, but the other reason is having to reach into your bag and open or grab something, which makes noise. As soon as the human mind hears noise, there’s a small chance that the brain will ignore it. All attention goes to the rustling bag of chips Amanda has at the back of the room.

Ways to avoid having these problems in the classroom would be to move as far away from your friends as possible if you cannot control yourself, this makes it so you do not have as much of the urge to talk to them. Get rid of all technology so that your focus isn’t on Social Media, or your mother texting you in the middle of school.  Clear your desk of everything distraction wise that does not attain to the material being taught.

Do not get left behind. One of the key reasons that kids fail a class is because they fail to ask for clarification. They then spend time on one problem while the rest of the class is on the third page your stuck on the first instead of just asking the question.

Your friend group you hang out with can greatly determine how you perform  in school. If you per say hang out with friends who excel and school and may be able to tutor you, then most likely you will do better in school. But if you hang out with the group who does drugs, or is more concerned about social achievement than academic achievement then you are probably going to act the same way to fit in with them. But in the same point, you could rise above who you hang out with and just be a independent person despite your friend group, you never know.

The only way to ever learn is to actually pay attention in class. Taking notes may help you understand better when your on your own at home, or may help you when you have to study for an exam. Do not study for long periods of time, instead study short periods with breaks in between. If you really have a bad problem paying attention you can ask the teacher to move to the front, or it could be an underlying problem such as ADHD, or ADD. Which you can be tested for at a doctors office or counselors center.