A little bit about Joslin Wheeler

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If you’re ever walking through the halls and see a smiling girl going around giving everyone hugs, chances are it’s Joslin Wheeler. Joslin is the sweetest friendliest Jr at Davis! She is a true farm girl at heart, she grew up in Idaho with her cows and chickens. She loves Idaho and says she wants to go to BYU-I, then one day to move back, and have 12 kids. She also wants to become a labor and delivery nurse. She said,

“If i could be or live anywhere for the rest of my life, it would be Idaho! I love how open and laid back it is!”

She loves playing piano and has been her whole life,

“I love piano because it relives my stress and gets me out of things.”

She has lived in, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and will be moving to Plain City in March. When i asked what her favorite food was, she said Mexican food, especially the kind from Cafe Rio. When asked about what would be the perfect date she replied,

“Going on a hike or a hot spring, with a picnic!”

Joslin is an amazing student and always gets A’s in all her classes, despite how little she actually shows up toher classes. She takes ASL, she is also on the track team, she says that she loves chemistry and math. So if you need a chemistry or math tutor Joslin is always there and willing to help!