Jack Rigby: Sports Person

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In this spotlight we are gonna talk a little bit about Jack Rigby, a senior at Davis High School. He is both on the football and the basketball team,

“I can consider myself a sports person, but I enjoy more playing football than others”, he says.

When it was asked about how long he is involved with those sports, he said that since he was a child he enjoyed playing them:

“I play basketball since I was around five and football since I was 8”

Even though when it is season time he spends most of his time practicing with the team, he talked a little bit about his life when he is not doing sports:

“I enjoy hanging out with my friends and I play Fortnite sometimes”.

Since he seems to be very committed and dedicated with the teams along with representing the school in the games, when asked what he thinks of trying to take his talents to college, he says,

“Yeah, I’m interested in playing football at college”.

When it comes to family, Jack says that he also likes to spend time with them, and since he is really involved with sports it made sense his family had played as well.

“Both my brother and my dad joined their college’s baseball team, so they are also involved with sports but not the same sport”.

In his last year of high school and in the middle of the season, we wondered how the team was going and how far they could get this year, and he says

“Yeah… we are probably gonna make it to state”.

So, let’s cheer for Davis!