The wonders of Davis One Acts

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If you hadn’t heard, Davis One Acts was the play festival that happened in the little theater on the last week of January. It consists of a group of plays, showing and expressing situations that do not have a pattern, which makes them different from each other. They were directed by the advanced theater students and their teacher Mr. Wright.

The students and teachers that were able to watch the performances all seemed very impressed with the talent of the high-schoolers, both the ones that performed and the ones that directed the play.

We were interested in what is behind the scenes, so we looked for Abby Burnett, a sophomore that performed on the play called “At The Frog Fountain” directed by the senior Sam McConkie and written by Werner Trieschmann, and the director of they play called ”The Brothers Grimm Spetaculathon”, Lucas Meyer. They revealed that the purpose of the performances was to entertain the students at Davis and make people able to try new things and express themselves.

“I think that doing the One Acts made me both actors like me and directors express themselves through the art of acting”, said Abby.

“It is also very good to make the theater involvement bigger, students that were never be able to act can also audition and show their talents,” said Lucas.

The performances seemed to give everyone that was involved a lot of experience, no matter if they were beginners or experienced.

” I did it because my sister also did it in her high school time and she had a great time. I had a great experience as an actress and made a bunch of new friends, and I plan on auditioning for the one at next year”, said Abby.

“It was a very good experience for me to be the director of one of the plays, specially because I want to study film in college”said Lucas.

Everyone that was involved seemed to have such a great time on and off the stage. Next year Davis will come back with new directors and a cast, so if you missed it this time don’t worry!