Robotics: The world’s number one.

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As an extra curricular activity, Robotics at Davis literally rocks. After getting in 1st place on the international robotics competition last year (VEX Robotics World Competition, 2018), the students involved are preparing for the one this year, it’s gonna be around the end of April. I talked to the president of the organization, the senior Trenton Peterson, about their day by day as they work, and how they get prepared every year and this is what he had to say:

“We do have competitions between us, all most every weekend. Last week we invited the students that take the class so they could practice, have more fun and understand more about robotics and take a good experience about it, no matter if they are beginners or not.” says Peterson

Davis has been involved with robotics for around 8 years, which is really good including the fact that they did so well last year.

“Even people in Japan and China know about us, and they also had very good judges.” said Trenton.

On the Saturday (9th), they are inviting other teams also with the purpose of practicing, getting experience and having fun. Since they work very hard and do their best, we hope for them to do great at the competitions.