Student Spotlight: Fun facts on Mikayla Jensen

Lindsy Hales

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Student Spotlight: Fun facts on Mikayla Jensen

As soon as you meet Mikayla Jensen your life will become a little bit brighter. Mikayla is one of the kindest, funniest, and most down to earth people on planet earth. If you need someone to tell you a dad joke when you’re feeling down, she’s your girl. If you need someone to defend you against the jerks in the world, call her up. If you need someone to eat your crunchy fries at lunch, give her a holler. She’s got your back, day and night.

Mikayla is a junior here at Davis. She shared that she really enjoys to walk her dogs, do anything involving music, and spend time with her friends. Along with those facts, there are some things about Mikayla that most people wouldn’t know. For example, she can’t roll her tongue, she’s really good at speaking French, and she is also an amazing lead air guitarist for her own band. She is an expert when it comes to using chopsticks, and she can do the best somersault the world has ever seen. She has an amazing sense of humor, and knows just how to cheer you up when you’re down.

Mikayla is very involved in extracurricular activities here. She is involved with HOSA, and is next years’ president elect. She loves to participate in medical activities, and her biggest dream is to graduate from medical school. She loves learning about medicine and caring for other people.

Everyone who knows Mikayla knows that its nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when she is around. she is such a kind friend, and is always willing to share a smile or give you a hug. People like her are the people that make Davis such a positive place. Seriously though, if you aren’t friends with her, you’re missing out. She’s amazing, uplifting, and not to mention hilarious. Everyone absolutely loves her. So get to know her!