What is special about the US?

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What is special about the US?

The United States of America can seem like a very big place, full of wonders and a proudly place to call home, and it is. But, for the people that somehow had the opportunity to visit other countries, experience other cultures or might not even be Americans and still  live here, trust me, the world can be a lot bigger from their eyes.

In this story, we will record the mainly differences between Americans and the rest of the world, with some of the Davis High 2018-19 foreign exchange students and Mr. Frey, the Journalism and English teacher. When it comes to food, America is known for the famous “I’m lovin’ it”. But, if you notice, the grocery stores have a multiple variety of foods, seasonings and beverages from other countries too.

“There is a big variety of foods from other countries in our culture, it is like a melting pot of cultures.” said Mr. Frey.

“I really like the variety of fast foods…and the huge supermarkets with a lot of choices of spices and stuff like that.” said Oliver Zens, from Germany.

” Even with the variety, food back home is way healthier. People eat more veggies and fruits, when here is way more burgers and fries, and there is also a lot of processed and canned foods, which is not very common in other places, said Pedro Silva, from Brazil.

When it comes to the American culture, what they have to say is:

“I would consider people in Mexico more welcoming than Americans, it is very common to talk with people you don’t know very well and get invited over to their houses.” said Frey.

“The religion in Utah makes things very different from other places. But, if you look at the hole US, people are more into sports during High School. There is also a lot more of school spirit than there is in Germany.” said Oliver.

”It is noticeable that Americans are very respectful, but people in Brazil are way closer to each other and festive than in the US”, said Pedro.

No mater where you came from, cultures will always have time to be appreciated for being unique.