Student Spotlight: Kyle Rosqvist AKA Geegol or Bike Jump Kid

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Kyle Rosqvist is one of the many loved seniors at Davis High School. He is often more well known as Geegol or the bike jump kid. When he was in 9th grade, he and his friends were jumping a bike off a jump when disaster struck. Kyle crashed on his bike and became an over night super star when his video went viral. The video was an instant hit on Youtube and received well over 300,000 views. When he was asked about his opinion on the subject all he said was ” No comment”.

Kyle is a student known and loved by almost every student at Davis High. He is very out going and loves to talk to everyone he comes across. Many students have seen his Bike Jump Video and recognize him from that video, he is well known as a “Kaysville Celebrity.” Even going outside of Davis Country is still recognized and praised for his attempt to do a bike jump.

“I like to horse around with computers, work with foods, workout at the gym, and hang out with his friends.” Says Rosqvist

Kyle is extraordinary skilled in Cyber security. He practices ethical hacking techniques and programs and wishes to become a penetration tester when he is older.

“I have experience in certain tools related to that cyber security field, and I have the knowledge of net working tools and how to use them for malicious purposes.” Kyle states.

He is currently employed at Costa Vida at Farmington Station location. He works there about four days a week doing various amounts of tasks including cleaning, taking customers orders, making the food, and running the cash register. Co-workers love working with kyle.

“Like and subscribe to gnar brothers To YouTube.” said Kyle.

If you have not had the chance to meet Kyle, I would highly recommend going out of your way to go meet him, you would not regret it.

If you want to watch Kyle’s bike jump video here is the link: