Joe Jessop: The average Joe, but the extraordinary teacher

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Joe Jessop: The average Joe, but the extraordinary teacher

In the summer of 2016, there was a meeting of the teachers here at Davis that was held to introduce themselves to all others. While teacher after teacher told of their ever interesting and adventurous life, it got to the new teacher there, Joe Jessop. Joe stood up and instead of telling of unique talents and hobbies, Joe let everyone know that he lives an average life.

Joe is the sophomore head coach, applied education, and success for seniors teacher here at Davis high. This is his third year teaching here doing these things, but these aren’t his first years here. Joe went here for all 3 years of high school, with an above average GPA of 3.8. In his words he was an “average football center on our team that was average at the time”.

After graduating here he went to Weber state, graduating with a Bachelor’s in political science, in hopes of one day becoming a senator, but became a teacher and coach instead. Though not his dream job, he really likes it anyways, letting me know that “its nice helping others” and that “he likes the people here”, making his job enjoyable.

When he isn’t teaching, coaching, or helping out here at our school with multiple sports, his favorite thing to do is play video games. Even though he plays them quite often, everyday actually, and saying he does nothing else in his off time, he admits to “being average at them”. Playing video games, teaching, and sports really are his whole average life.

Mr. Jessop may be an average Joe, but as a teacher he is really something else. He has one of the most important jobs that there is. The main part of his job is to help kids like me with various mental disorders or life struggles, but still function like the other students. Kids like me with high functioning autism, kids with anxiety, kids with ADHD, kids with broken homes, and other problems that lead us to struggling at school. He has to deal with kids like me with behavioral problems from awkwardness in social situations, or that land us in the office quite often, and kids that have problems with school work.

He’s dang good at it too, getting kids to graduate that couldn’t have without him, far better than most teachers too. He manages to make us students smile and laugh in his class, he manages to always make friends with his students, and he manages to help us with the day to day stress we deal with here by helping us figure out our plans. Not the average Joe he claims himself to be, but something much more important.