Shall not be infringed

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Due to the school shootings in recent time, politicians and protesters alike are trying their best to ban the tactical part of guns, and though they don’t say it, guns all together. They have had many wins recently, but their bans and prohibitions are proving worthless, and this is why.

First and foremost, in places where guns have been banned, there are still gun homicides. There are much less for sure, but the murders are still there. Australia has banned guns with exceptions for hunters or farmers, but there was a gang shooting a few weeks ago, and a mass shooting last year. Their murder rate has gone down since the ban, but ours has too since then. Many countries are having a downward trend on murder, so this statistic and argument is pointless.

There are countries where the gun ban actually increased murder rate. Immediately after the United Kingdom imposed their Firearm Act of 1997 crime spiked to a ridiculous number. Though a downward trend happened after, the spike their murder rate is now rising again. Therefore these gun bans are worthless, especially because we have more guns than people in the United States, making that hard to do regardless.

Second off the banning of guns will not change murder. If a person wants to  murder, they will. In the previously mentioned United Kingdom, they are now trying to get rid of knives, because the murder has just switched to the use of knives there. People who have the intent to kill will kill, and that”s how it is. More people are beat to death in the US than killed by rifles. Therefore intent is what causes murder, not guns.

Last but not least: Article 4 in the Bill of Rights, and the second amendment to the Constitution states ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This supreme law of the land is why we have guns, and why we are a free country.

As George Washington said, “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself”. The liberty of our nation relies on those two things. Without those two, we, our country, wouldn’t be as beautiful and powerful as it is today. So, strong we will stand, until the end of time.