Dear Old Davis High School

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Dear Old Davis High School

For 115 years, the greatest high school has stood, through both World Wars, the Great Depression, the mob era, and many of other occasions. This building is much more than rebar and tile: it’s memories, stories of success, stories of sadness, stories of greatness, and a place of unity. From our sports teams to our arts, we all stand as one. As long as you have Davis high pride, you belong.

With an average act score of 27, a graduation rate of 97% and an 87% AP pass rate, it is no wonder our school is known as a good one for education. Many 4 to 5 star ratings by high school comparison sites, the proof is in the pudding that our education is great.

Our athletics, too, are impressive. With so many state wins, a hall full of trophies, and many times at first in the nation (most recently 2 years ago with women’s soccer), our record is quite impressive. Many people who have gone NCAA sports, D2 and D3 athletes, one Olympian, and two Paralympions, proving our ability and athletics.

Our arts are just as impressive as our athletics and academics. From our cheer team taking nation this year, to our band playing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the skill there is undeniable. Our dance team always seems to have a new dance every event, our color guard putting hours into their art, and our orchestra playing music that has got students to the Allstate performance. Our arts programs are well known, and as awesome as our sports.

But the thing about this school that is the best thing of all, our pride. From true darting, to football games, the pride is unmatched. This year especially, we were rated the best student section in Utah. But that pride has been held throughout the years, because as we are asked, we defend the tradition. Whether an art or a sport, its all about the feeling, the feeling that brings us together.