Prom is right around the corner


The end of school is drawing nearer and nearer.  What does that mean? Prom is right around the corner. Davis Prom is a big deal around here. Students are getting excited for the Dance, along with a buzz going around with it.

To some students Prom is a pretty big deal. Will Ferrin, student at Davis high missed last years Prom and says he excited for the opportunity provided by the school to go and enjoy his fellow classmates presence at the dance one last time.

Zoe Jacobs said,

“I think the Prom is a great opportunity to be with friends and to dress up.”

Margaret Brown said,

“I think that it’s a good social experience to meet new people and it is overall just a fine time.”

When asked about some of the expectations for Prom, Braden Wilding said,

“Prom is awesome, I’m expecting for it to be an overall good time.”

Davis High D’ette Cali Stephenson added,

“Prom’s better than all the other dances. I’m hoping for some good music, some good dinner, and a good time with my group and date.”

At the end of the day Prom is an awesome time. It will be a great time to hangout with your friends and to have a lot of fun.