The Bread and Cheese Club Art Show

Scott Swain

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The Bread and Cheese Club is hosting an art show on Wednesday, April 10th. The show will display all of the work that the members of the club have created throughout the year. Bread and cheese will be provided at the event.

The club has been a place for artists of different mediums to come together and collaborate on a variety of projects. Pieces of art will be on display for people to come see. Some of the mediums that will be featured include paintings, ceramics, and music.

Any student is welcome to bring art to display at the event, or to send a photo or video of their art to [email protected] to have displayed at the event, regardless of their involvement with the club prior to the art show.

Though admission is free, donations will be collected for the International Child Art Foundation. The club has been collecting donations all year, and this art show will be the last opportunity to gather cash for foundation this year.

With meetings twice weekly for the last six months, the Bread and Cheese Club has been preparing for this event since the very beginning. This art show marks the end of the club for the year.

One of the pieces of art that will be featured at the show is the short film “The Gambler’s Fallacy”. Various members of the club had the opportunity to share their diverse talents during the making of this film. The 24 minute film will have its premiere at the end of the art show on Wednesday.

The small club is hoping for a good turnout. This is a chance for the hardworking artists to show off their talents and a way for them to celebrate the end of the club. Plus, it’s free food and entertainment. What more could you want?