Student Scottlight: Scott Swain

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Scott Swain is a senior here at Davis high. But a regular senior he isn’t. He is the director of the Bread and Cheese Club, a Sterling Scholar finalist, the best journalism editor around, correcting every grammar problem that you haven’t seen, a DECA member, and a member of the senior committee.

He loves our school, though he likes many of the classes here his favorite  are  ceramics, film history, and AP English. Through all of these classes he will be graduating our school with a 4.0, one that he has held since 7th grade, and he has achieved 34 ACT score.

These great accomplishments have gotten him a great deal of scholarships, including the Presidential scholarship from USU which pays for his tuition and the Huntsman Scholar and Direct Admit scholarships which gets him an additional $8,000, and finally a 500 dollar scholarship from USU due to his excellence in the sterling scholar competition.

These scholarships have lead his way to Utah State University, which he will be attending  this fall after graduation. While there, he will be delving into economics and statistics, planning on coming out of there with a Master’s in economics and statistics.

If Scott had his way then he would be a screenwriter, as he writes screenplays and directs short films now. He has written many, but he is currently writing “a microcosm of the transition of life from childhood to adult life in the form of a senior trip.”

While screen writing is his favorite, poetry and journalism are other places where his writing excels. In addition to editing for Davis High News, Scott writes for the Ogden Standard-Examiner.

While an amazing writer, his other talents are very impressive too. Scott loves using his hands to make things. He loves sewing, where he has made his own bow ties. He dabbles in activities such as origami with canons being his coolest consistent project and painting, where his favorite painting he has made is a painting of boats.

Realistically though, Scott wants to be a actuary and moving to Texas where the economy is great, in hopes of making a good income to support a family.

After making this all of the money, as someone as intelligent as him is sure to make, he wishes to retire to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Though clearly not everyone’s first choice, it has personal importance to him. His family has history there on the beautiful cape. The history of his family isn’t the only history there that he is intrigued by, so retiring there is his plan.

The greatest editor, a man of many traits, and an absolute genius. It’s not hard to see that he is going to go far.