Tutorial Papers: Motivation or Segregation?

Hannah Lindsey

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January 15, 2020

Everyone knows the tutorial paper system, but the question is, do they really serve their purpose? Every Monday, a paper for every student at Davis High is printed out with their grades, either brown or yellow like they are a fate determined IQ. These papers are then handed out on Wednesday during homeroom with the intent to help students.

The problem is the color of the papers are almost as defining as a student ethnicity. Students with A’s and B’s in all their classes get a brown paper, and those with a C or lower in any class get a yellow paper. So, do the colors of tutorial papers motivate or are they some modern segregation?

Tutorial papers are meant to motivate students with lower grades to raise them. The purpose of tutorial is to catch up on missing work, and tutorial papers give students a rough outline of what they need to do to raise their grade. The goal is for students with a yellow paper to want a brown paper.

Some students don’t like the tutorial paper system because they think it is an embarrassing way of showing grades. Many say that it is a way of separating the “smart” students from the “dumb” ones.

“When I get a yellow sheet it makes me feel bad about myself.” As explained by Truman Nickle.

The school is very much in support of helping grades. However, a public display of what a students grades are can be demeaning.

“Putting everyone’s grades on the same color paper, but having the teacher check which classes need attention would be a better way of helping students stay motivated without exposing them.” stated Charity Maynes, Senior.

So, is the tutorial paper system really as bad as some make it out to be? Maybe, but it really just depends on how you look at it. All in all, it’s not the papers that matter, it’s about using the time we have in tutorial to get better grades.

There is no remorse behind the intent. BUT, is there a better way?