The secret life of Joe


Joe Quillen, one of the slowest friends in the group, we call him turtle. Joe got this name from the countless times of being the last one out the house, the last one to hit the roof of the car when we go under yellow light, the last one to call dibs on something or someone, and getting side-tracked and wondering into god knows what. But, besides the fact that he is very slow, we love him.

Joe likes to weld, he takes classes every day at the date in the morning and in the last 2 periods, Joe says that his favorite part about welding is getting hands-on experience other than sitting in a desk either listening or taking notes.  Joe says everyone in the welding committee is unbelievably nice and just outgoing. I and Joe took the welding course over the summer together. Every morning he would walk in ago

“I am so tired, wanna go get food after?”

My response was yes every time.

One of Joe’s most favorite things to do is either ski or skating, he loves skating a lot, but, there are consequences of skating. One of Joe’s worst crashes while skating was when he was skating on the trail down by smiths and he looked back at Cody cause he fell, and Joe started laughing and his laughter caused him to fall and slam down on his wrist. It ended with a broken wrist. Joe also broke his collar bone when I and he were skiing. We were just cruising, going on a normal run and all see was Joe just vanish off a cat track, when going over there heard screaming and antagonizing pain. Luckily the Snow Basin Ski Patrol was right behind us. They carried joe down on the and the whole time he was screaming words that aren’t appropriate for school…..