Being Concussed in Modern Society

Carston Christensen

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With the rise of studies and the dangers involved with concussions. It is becoming a big topic especially in the sporting world. How are young developing brains being affected by concussions and is it ok for them to be attending schools and continuing in sports after being concussed.

Parents would probably agree that their children should be done with athletics after a concussion out of sheer protection for their own flesh and blood. However, its not that easy for the athlete to give up something that they have sacrificed countless hours to progress in the sport.

For me personally being a football player, playing under the lights in front of a crowd, with all your brothers at your side on a Friday night, there’s no greater feeling that I have experienced so far in my short life. And I say so far in my life because I still have a lot of life to live. The concern is clear: will concussions will affect the rest of the life I live? And if the adrenaline and high of being a high school jock is worth a lifetime of brain damage and pain that can prevent you from the things that really matter.

I am a high school athlete and right now in the moment I would say it is worth the risk, because I love the sport that much. I read my sophomore year a book called “The Alchemist” where there is a quote about a man that may face imminent death, his response was somewhat prophetic: “Today’s as good a day to die as any.” In other words, whether our lives are threatened by sickness, concussions, or car accidents. We can’t predict what will happen next. If a professional dictates that you are good to go. Then why not? #YOLO