Should School Be Restructured?


    From a young age to 18 to even 24 people can be in school. They say we go to school to learn, but is that really true? Often times people go because they are forced to go and so they can have a job opportunity in the future. This often times leads to many only caring about the grade they get and not about them bettering themselves and learning can this be fixed?

    I believe yes! I believe school should be based on more of how much more you learned rather than what assignment you did and turned in. The reason why the grading system is an issue is because people do just enough rather than just trying to excel to the best of their ability. It also is an issue because it evaluates people on limited performances and the opinion of that teacher, but if there was a generic test or way of grading and learning, everyone could be on an equal playing field. Although it would be hard and you could possibly argue kids would do the same thing I believe that is not true because it would be more about them improving them selves and everyone improves and learns at different rates.

    I do believe that this style of grading system would be better I think it would lead to people being happier learning more and not being graded off a letter some under qualified teachers give them or in a subject where they might struggle and you can truly see the progress of these students and the best way to help them specifically and become a more self centered learning system for the student rather than a student body or school as a whole.