Chess Club

Carston Christensen

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Have you ever wondered what the most exciting, under the radar club at Davis is? The answer is the Chess Club. Chess Club, a phrase that is often thrown in with “uncool,”crowd of people. However, through research, I conducted, on the Chess Club, I could not have been more shocked with the amount of passion and “coolness” that was exhibited by these students.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch these students, then you’re missing out. The Chess Club only in its second year of development is growing rapidly and has a lot of exciting plans for its up coming future. Isaac Chamberlain, a junior at Davis high and the club’s president, stated, “I’ve got a lot big plans to expand the growth of this club and try and start competing against other schools.”

Being a student who moved from Fremont recently said he has, “connections with friends at Fremont and other schools involved with chess, that he thinks would be more than willing to having some exciting friendly competition with rival schools.”

The chess club is also working vigorously with the administration to make the club well-known around the school and the district to be able to compete.The club is welcoming and open to all newcomers and invites everyone to come and have some fun playing chess, Isaac said, “your experience with chess doesn’t matter either, all members are welcome!”

The Chess Club is looking for members and would love for all students to join with a steady number of 10 members already  on the team. The Chess Club is doing really well, but still has plenty of room for new people to join, compete, and, most importantly, just have fun. If you’re interested, talk to the Chess Club’s advisor, Mrs. Ray or the Chess Club’s president Isaac Chamberlin. Both are extremely nice and more than happy to give the information needed to be apart of the Davis High Chess Club! Both Isaac Chamberlin and Mrs. Ray have already done so much for this club and are excited to see what the future holds for this young, growing club at Davis High.