Do desk arrangements in a classroom affect your education

Carston Christensen

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Have you ever been a basic classroom lined up in the same straight rows in the same assigned seat, going through the exact same routine everyday in class? If you answered yes you’re just like every other high school student in the world. Is going through the same routine in the same setting everyday healthy and help better the learning process.

As a high school student, I will attest that isn’t good for bettering your education. There’s nothing different and exciting about class, its just the same thing everyday and losing student interest fast. A change in scenery on regular basis helps students become more involved with their peers and more involved with the content being taught.

Also having seating arrangements in a classroom is unhealthy for students. How is a student in the far back corner supposed to get the same attention and learning opportunities as a front row student? The answer is that he doesn’t. students need to be as close to a teacher as they can in order to learn to best of their ability. Changing classroom seating can give students that option.

One of my favorite and most memorable classes that I learned the most in was my English class sophomore year. Granted I had a very involved passionate teacher in Davis high Mr. Frey. But aside from that Mr. Frey had new desk arrangements almost every two weeks. It kept me involved it kept class entertaining and new and exciting, which translated to the content being taught, entertaining and exciting in class. It gave me more opportunities to step out of my comfort shell and meet new peers and create networking and relationships. And it gave me a better opportunity to be closer the content being taught.

Overall atmosphere plays a major roll in all aspects of life and can play an even bigger role in a classroom.