Mindfulness and Meditation to Save our Fevered Minds

Brookie Haycock

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Students at Davis High school have insanely busy schedules filled with as many activities that someone can fit into a 24 hour period. We often overwhelm ourselves with extra curricular activities and endless piles of homework. This kind of routine can become very unhealthy and greatly effect our physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s easy to forget about yourself and your needs when all you’re focusing on is being a successful student. This is where mindfulness and meditation becomes a key component in saving you from slowly destroying yourself.

Mrs. Tarbet offers a yoga class that has had an insane positive impact on my life. Yoga itself has been practiced for thousands of years and is still very popular today because of it’s positive health benefits. The curriculum is centered around exercise through intense stretching, relaxation through breathing, and improving mental health through meditation. I can’t express how amazing it feels to take a break during a stressful school day and just focus on controlling how I want my mind and body to feel.

I think teenagers especially take for granted how incredible our bodies are. Being fatally sleep deprived, depressed, and overwhelmed with anxiety is just second nature us. Yoga class teaches you to live completely in the moment. Just taking a minute to pay attention to all your senses is an experience you have to try out to fully understand. Even just acknowledging the fact that you’re alive and listening to the sound of your breathing is enough to change your perspective on life.

It would be a wise idea for teachers and administration to pay more attention to their students and their mental health. Too many times we feel like robots in a factory being programmed with information for 7 hours. Being able to take a little break to meditate and clear our minds of the endless information that’s constantly being crammed into our skulls will be extremely effective. Educators should care more about how students are feeling and thinking before they publicly shame them for not understanding 100 different concepts at the same time.

Yoga is a very underrated class and its ideas and concepts should be taught to every student in every classroom. Learning how to relax your body and control your thought processes is a skill that will bless you for the rest of your life. Stress is deadly, it is crucial that you learn how to control it and relax your mind in order to have a meaningful, happy, and healthy life. So scurry down to the counseling office and clear spot for Yoga next semester. You can thank me later.