School tranfers and bullying rates

Brooklynn Crowley

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Last year, over 300 student transferred to Davis High School after the first semester of learning at Farmington High School. Not only did students find the summit program to be completely unsuccessful, but people were also dealing with an unbelievable amount of bullying.

“High in rates of cruelty, I don’t even understand why so many are hurting others, I included,” one student described.

Not only is this a Farmington High School issue, but a Davis High School issue as well. A young man at Farmington High School admitted that the school isn’t that good, but that it was still better than our very own Davis High School.

“I don’t like Farmington, but everyone I know who transferred to Davis has been bullied worse than they ever were at Farmington,” this student explained.

So many people left a brand new high school to go to one that has been standing since 1914. These brave students, or at least a majority of them, left to have a better high school experience, but got much worse.

We are supposed to be in not only an accepting community, but a loving one.

There is not only the side of the story where Davis High is an inhabitable school when it comes to the welfare of it’s inhabitants, but it also goes the other way around.

A good friend of mine that transferred to Davis explained to me about the ruthless bullying that she had to endure during her stay at Farmington. She explained to me that she thought of letting life go due to the taunting and actions of others.

“Farmington was the worst experience that I have had in my entire life and Davis high has been a little better. Not good, but better.”