Christmas Gifts: Parents Edition

Brooklynn Crowley

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Christmas Gifts: Parents Edition

Even though you spend your entire life with them, your family always seems to be the most difficult people to get gifts for.

However, it is not an impossible task. There are many simple and cheap options that you can still get your parents.

Material gifts include:

  • Cozy slippers – something to keep warm and to be comfortable
  • Printed t-shirts – something fun and simple to wear
  • Printed Family Photo – meaningful and a new edition to decoration
  • Candles – who doesn’t want a good smelling house
  • Socks – something soft to keep warm
  • A watch – so they don’t miss any more events
  • Jewelry – simply for style
  • A book – who doesn’t love a good read?
  • Gift cards – the possibilities are endless (with a budget of course)
  • A blanket – a gift to cuddle up with and add another layer to the bed

$0 gifts include:

  • A homemade meal – something for the whole family to enjoy
  • Do the dishes – even though it’s loathsome, it will help out more than you would think
  • Dust the house – you’d be surprised at how much is lying around
  • Clean the boarders – you may not notice the difference, but someone will!
  • Do the laundry – don’t forget to fold it and put it away as well
  • Vacuum the house – it really doesn’t take that much effort, just plug in and go
  • Sweep the kitchen – crumbs hide just about everywhere
  • Organize the garage – I can guarantee that this is a big deal to your parents
  • Mop the floors – something simple and rather fun with the right music
  • Shovel the driveway – as long as snow actually shows back up
  • Take out the trash – simple, but effective
  • Be kind to siblings – I know it’s hard, but you can do it!
  • Clean out the refrigerator – so much easier to find the right snacks

There is also the option of giving your parents “coupons” for things such as chores.

“I normally give my parents chore coupons for Christmas.” -A Davis High Student said.

It is an easy way to spend little to no money and to make your parents happy on top of it.