Davis High Band’s Mountain Dew Christmas Tree


It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here! The long-awaited Davis high Christmas band concert. Davis high band students have been prepping for months for this concert. From wind ensemble to jazz band, from symphonic band to the concert band, percussion ensemble to marching band hundreds of students were brought together. Before the concert started the air was filled with anticipation. Each band performed 3-4 pieces. Some of the favorite songs played include auld lang syne, God rest you married gentlemen and a Mr. Crooksten classic: Randolf the blue hoofed pig otherwise know as Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Each section of the band performed flawlessly. Accompanying the beautiful music was a hand full of fantastic performances. Crooksten read a lovely poem to the crowd. Even the school principal himself participated, Dr. Wilky sang the night before Christmas in unison with the band. Dr. Wilky participating is very significant because few administrators spend time out of their personal life to get to know their students, and spend time at activities to support them. Davis High is lucky to have our administration.

One of the main attractions that night was a Christmas tree made of empty mountain dew cans. This tree made a homage not only to the baby born to save mankind but also to an old band tradition. The tradition started a few years ago when the marching band sparked the idea to line the walls of the semi-trailer with empty cans. While the trailer hasn’t been lined by the last band concert every year, the band still tries to honor the tradition. This year, the band wondered what to do with the extra cans, they decided to make a Christmas trees for the concert. The mountain dew cans made up the tree and coke cans were the ornaments. All in all the band considered the night a success.