Is the force real?

Devin Forster

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December 19, 2019

The force is a made-up concept in the Star Wars realm. The force was an energy that connected everything in the universe. The story of the force goes way back, about 36,000 years before the events of episode 4 of Star Wars. There was an ancient order of scientists and philosophers called the Dai Bendu on the planet Ando Prim It was there that they had discovered such a powerful and mystical primal energy that they began calling “the Force”.

The force is a concept existed well over twenty-five thousand years, all thought there are multiple aspects of the force, The living force was fueled by the energies of all of the life forms and in return fed into the cosmic force, the force that bound everything together.

Cody Crawford: “It’s cool, it’s tight, wish I had it.”

Usage of the force grants several useful and special powers, such as the ability to sense impending attacks; to push, lift and manipulate physical objects; To influence the mind of others to put them in a seductive like faze and make them sleep by controlling their mind.

Thousands of years before the Clone Wars, the unity of the Jedi Order was fractured by a rogue Jedi who came to believe that the true power of the Force could only be reached through passion rather than the calmness of the Jedi way. The Jedi High Council at the time balked at this new direction, and the fallen Jedi was banished from the Order. Nevertheless, a group of renegade Jedi followed the rogue into exile, resulting in a schism that gave way to the Hundred-Year Darkness and the rise of the Sith Order.

Is the force real? We may never know, maybe it was lost a long time ago as was the Jedi, making us fall into a bland world blaster and light saber free. Maybe it exists on a planet far far away. have you felt the force?