The Raging Fires in Australia

Lauren Rusnell

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The Raging Fires in Australia

Racing flames, burning homes, dying animals. What you NEED to know about Autralia’s fire.

Believe it or not the fire actually began in late July. So why is it just getting all the attention now? The rapid growth and casualties have produced great cause for concern. This ravage fire is the worst wildfire the world has seen in decades. At least 28 people have died, more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed and over 17 million acres of forest have burned.

Australia’s government officials and federal authorities are struggling to contain the flames, even with the assistant of other countries, including the United States.

The fire is located on the south side of the island. In NSW (New South Wales) is where the fire has hit the hardest. Burning through wooded areas, bush lands, and national Parks like Blue Mountains. However major cities like, Sydney and Melbourne, have been affect as well. With poor air qualities and burning homes on the outskirts of the cities.

“Earlier in December, the smoke was so bad in Sydney that air quality measured 11 times the hazardous level,” CNN reports.

Australia has been known to have a fire season. When the summer heat strikes, drought are more likely to occur, increasing the likely hood of wildfires. Most fires however are caused by natural disasters, like lighting. Several Australians have been charged with deliberately starting bush fires and many legal actions have been taken since November.

Australia is experiencing a drought season they have never seen before. A heatwave in December broke the record for highest national temperature, with several places well above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Strong winds are what caused the rapid growth and spread of the fires.

What has to be the saddest part of all this is, over half a billion, yes BILLION, animals have been effected, and millions are dead. Threatened with extinction.

“Dead koalas scattered across scorched landscapes; frightened cows standing under orange-red skies as the fires close in; kangaroos, their foot pads burned, fleeing the flames,” states.

The Australian government just launched “Operation Rock Wallaby”, where they dropped thousands of carrots and sweet potatoes to those endangered animals, in threat of starvation and death.

How can you Help?

There are several charities waiting for your needed donations. Please donate. Climate Change is a REAL issue and solutions start with you!