Davis High Debate takes the cake at Marie Clegg

Alexandra Smith

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Photo credit: https://theoutline.com/post/6709/debate-is-stupid?zd=1&zi=cfo7q4kn

Davis high school’s debate team went to Marie Clegg a debate tournament at UVU. This tournament is a big tournament that has a lot of stiff competition from a lot of schools. There were even schools from out of state. The Davis High Debate team got 3rd place overall. The team had a great time competing and they are very proud of how they did.

“It was a fun tournament!” exclaimed Wyatt Ko, the speech captain on the debate team.

The tournament was very busy for the team. They had very little time in between rounds to rest or chat with each other. The team still had a good time even though they were busy the whole tournament. Everyone who went to the tournament from Davis High did a great job competing and had impressive placings.

Bryn Monterith got 1st place in Lincoln Douglas. Bryn swept the competition easily with her amazing debate skills. Sugar Santillion was a quarter-finalist in Lincoln Douglas. Wyatt Ko got 3rd place in extemp. Mackenzie Spackman got 4th in impromptu. Sugar also got 3rd in speaker points and Bryn Monterith got 2nd in speaker points.

“The tournament was great practice for other tournaments like region and state,” stated Sugar Santillion, the debate captain on the debate team.

There are many more people on the team who went to the tournament including Porter Archibald, Kennedie Shepherd, Tanner Reid, Eileen Magana, Jade Meyer, Eli Tesch. They competed in many events and placed well.

The Davis High School Debate team did a wonderful job at Marie Clegg and look forward to competing at other tournaments.