Athlete spotlight: Julia Nettleton


Julia Nettleton, a senior on the girls varsity basketball team for Davis High School, loves to play basketball, but never intended to go as far as she has gone in her basketball career.

The girls basketball team is on fire this year! They have won 17 games and only lost 4 games. It has been a great season for the Darts. Their biggest competitor is Layton High School with a record of 9-11. The girls team is going onto State as they recieved the title of Region Champions. The girls are so pumped for this challenge and the fact that practices are going to be a lot harder than what they are right now, but are ready to slaughter as they continue their path toward State.

Julia first started playing basketball in junior high, where she played for her school Kaysville Junior High during her 9th grade year there. Although her intention was just to play for fun, and not intentionally develop a basketball career, basketball turned into something she is really passionate about. If she could change anything about her basketball experience, she would have started playing basketball earlier. Julia loves being on the basketball team and playing the sport she loves.

Julia expresses her favorite parts about being on the team by saying that,

“The best thing about being on the team is getting to know everyone and they’re all my sisters.”

She continues by sharing the rewards she receives through the sport itself,

“The most rewarding thing is practicing everyday, then going on to win.”

The Girls Basketball team spends all day together. Julia shared that on game days they spend all day together, when they are at school, practice, and then competing. Spending all that time together allows the girls to have a special bond with each other that they wouldn’t be able to have without their love for basketball.

Julia has been a valuable player for the Darts and has served her team and her school well. Good luck to Julia as she furthers her basketball career as the Lady Darts make their goal toward State and she finishes her senior year!