Nick Fisher: All Star Basketball Player


Did you know that Nick Fisher has been playing basketball since the first grade? He first got involved with basketball because he loved playing sports and being active in general and eventually fell in love with the game.

Nick is a senior at Davis High School and was on the Varsity basketball team. The boys basketball team went all the way to state finals this year thanks to the incredible coaches and teamwork the team displays on and off the court.

“It was a great feeling, but we know how much potential we have and that keeps us going. It’s a really good feeling going into state as the number one seed but at the same time it also puts a big target on our backs because every team wants to knock us out, so we just have to play as a team and the score will take care of itself,” Nick responded when asked about how he felt about the boys team making it to state.

Nick’s position on the court is the 3rd position otherwise known as shooting guard. During the season the boys basketball team would practice every week day that they didn’t have a game which was usually every other day. They would have games twice a week.

Nick’s dad is one of his biggest role models in life because of how hard he works and his determination in everything he does. Nick is personally proud of how hard he works at everything he does and the way he treats other. He feels like that has been a great accomplishment in his life.

While Nick may not know what his plans after high school  are, he’s definitely looking at colleges and an LDS mission.