State wrestling preview

Porter Archibald

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On February 12th and 13th, 12 wrestlers from Davis High took on other high school wrestling teams from around the state at Utah Valley University for the state championship. From Davis High, Maclaine Percival took 3rd in state, and Alex Schaefer took 6th.

Now that the wrestling season has come to an end, it’s a great time for team members to reflect on the past season.

Blake Ellis said that his favorite part of being on the wrestling team,

“the brotherhood that you get from being on the team.”

To prepare for each match, the wrestlers make sure they are warmed up, and Blake said that he trys to go in,

“mentally without doubting himself.”

“It feels really good, once you get your hand raised at the end you feel really accomplished,”

said Blake about how it feels to win a match.

To describe what a typical match is like,

Blake said

“It’s really really hard. You’re putting everything you’ve got into a six minute match so you’re pretty worn out by the end.”

The overall season has been awesome for the team and brought success to our school!