Girl’s Golf Preview


The girl’s golf team is looking better than ever this season. Coming off of a Region win from last year and being second in State, the girls are ready to get back on their game. The whole team is in agreement that they want to win both state and region.

Coach Salvo shares her hopes for this coming season,

“Be region and state champs! Be amazing as a team and come together to be one. Become a family!!”

All ten girls are working very hard to win, especially for their coach.

“I hope to win the state championship for Coach Salvo, she is the most supporting and influential figure on the team. It would be amazing to give her a 6A State Championship”

Said Victoria Castro.

The girls are very excited to improve this year. The team has changed a lot since last season, with the graduated seniors and the new sophomores.

“I think we have the same mindset as last season. We were really sad to see the seniors leave.”

Said Caylyn Ponich.

Coach Salvo also addressed this,

“We lost a lot of seniors and we are young, but we definitely have the potential.”

The girls realize they are going to have to work a lot harder to get their win at state.

“It’s going to be a lot harder, we don’t have as many girls as we have had in years past, but everyone has improved so much and I think we ahve a really good shot at winning state.”

Said Aubree Johnson.

Coach Salvo and the team plan to work harder everyday to get to that state championship and win. This is how they plan to achieve that goal.

“We’ll be working at the golf course every day after school to achieve our goals,”

Said Quinn Shupe,

“We’re working on getting better than we were yesterday or last week or even the hole previous. We’re also working on being mentally strong and being positive throughout our matches.”

All the girls have a great family and support aspect to the team. They want to make sure the whole team is doing everything they can to be the best they can be.

“Make sure every girl on the team is confident in what they do. Make sure they give it their all.”

Said Victoria Castro.

Coach Salvo’s plan to win state is,

“By working hard and being dedicated to becoming better every practice and every match. We are always trying to be the best. We took second in state last year and we want that #1 spot!”.