Debate region

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Photo cred: @davisdebate

Debate region has been a peak of the year, the whole team has been working for this point. Even the debate coach, who had injured her back a month or so prior, was at Northridge on Feb 29th. The debate president Ella Nebecker reflects on the event:

“I think we had a smaller showing than usual, had we sent a full slate we would have taken first”

Overall, the team took 5th in the region. To breakdown the team’s overall scoring, the team took 1st place in 3 of 8 events. we had 8 people place top-five and 11 places top ten. In comparison Sarcuse, the region champion had 0 first places, 4 top fives and 13 top tens.  Needless to say, after the team saw this comparison they weren’t very happy with taking 5th. However, the team’s performance was exceptionally well.

“I’m really proud of everyone who came and participated and I think everyone strived to do their very best.”

Many of the debaters had spent countless hours working to prepare for this tournament, Ella included. After her rounds were done for the day she shared her outlook on how her personal success went that day.

 “I prepared and prepped all week, and did the best to compete with my full potential, so there’s not much else I could do but hope for the best result.”

When results were read out loud with her competitors, she stayed with her team. The room was tense with excitement, competitors were moments away from knowing if their hard work paid off. One by one a coach read off the results of each event starting from tenth place and climbing up to first. The process was painfully slow but worth the wait. When the announcer reached first place in Public Forum Ella’s event, the whole team held their breath

“First place from Davis– Nebeker and Smith”

The team went crazy. Even if the team took fifth overall, it was still a win in everyone’s eyes.