The fastest metal cars you’ve ever seen

Brayden Saxey

I got my first Hot-Wheels car when I was 3, it was a green Camaro that has been passed down from generation to generation. I have a huge collection of Hotwheels cars. The reason Hot-Wheels are so interesting is because they can be collector items if you find old ones. New cars aren’t as collectable as the antiques.

The very first Hot-Wheels car was made in 1968 it was the custom Camaro. The original Hot-Wheels cars first came out with 16 different kinds of cars, known as the sweet 16. Hot-Wheels is owned by Mattel and they have made a monopoly in the toy car industry, everyone knows what a Hot-Wheels car is. The reason Hotwheels are better than matchbox cars or any other toy car is that they use a different type of axel that allows them to roll in a straighter line.

The rarest Hot-Wheels is a 1969 Pink Rear O Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb. If you find 1 of the 2 that were made they are worth upwards of $72,000. The reason this car is so expensive is that there are only 2 that were produced in the color pink. They were never sold to the public, only 1 has ever made it to public hands.

Hotwheels have been around for many years and they will continue to stick around for many more. The little 99 cent cars have brought so much joy to people and inspired so many kids to grow up loving cars. Hotwheels cars should not be overlooked as just a toy.