To all those who had to say goodbye too soon

Mikaela Ponce

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To all those who had to say goodbye too soon

To all the athletes whose season ended too soon. Who put in years of hard work just to lead up to this year, to one game, to one moment. Who had a goal, and wanted to achieve it before giving it up forever. Who wanted the extra time to hang out with teammates, your best friends and sometimes your family. Who wanted the entire year to just live in that sport and be happy.

To all those who relied on that after school activity for their sanity. Who needed the small amount of time to connect and talk to those who were similar to them. Who valued that time to fully express themselves through art, service, or a craft.

To all the seniors whose year suddenly ended too soon. You wanted to be done but now you’re not so sure. You were starting to move on but you still wanted and valued that extra time to just be in high school. To be dependent and a little bit careless and irresponsible before you were on your own. To have those final moments to say goodbye to the structure of public school, and to say goodbye to the teachers that really impacted your education and life. To have those final moments of seeing your childhood friends every day, and to spend more time with them before you go your separate ways.

I’m sorry. For all that time and all those moments were supposed to be guaranteed, but now our rites of passage were suddenly canceled. All we’re left with is the shock from the sudden events and feeling lost from not knowing how to process. Not knowing how to find closure.

I guess closure is never guaranteed, for anything in life. Some moments just end too unexpectedly, and we’re left wondering what’s next. Well, I guess we just have to move on. Have to look at where we want to go in life and start working to get there. Start creating new dreams, new plans, and new goals we want to achieve.