Let us not forget what we learned

Mikaela Ponce

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Image taken from https://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/10-life-lessons-learned-in-elementary-school-585249/

This thing is going to end, and, when it does, let’s not forget what it taught us.

Let’s not forget our renewed fascination and appreciation for nature. How when we were stuck in our homes, and our heads, we turned to the outdoors for an escape. A hike, walk outside, run, bike ride, or even just opening a window could make all the difference. A deep breath of fresh air could offer some peace and clarity during this time, so let’s preserve it. The cleaner air during this time is due to a decrease in levels of pollution, due to our decrease in fossil fuel/greenhouse gas emissions and quarantine situation. In fact, there was a 40% decrease in air pollution in San Francisco, and a 28% decrease in New York City. In China, the heavy cloud of pollution constantly looming over them seemed to disappear almost completely. It calls for the attention of how the air quality affects our health, and how, when this is all over, we can take action to preserve the clean air.

“As we move to restart these economies, we need to use this moment to think about what we value. Do we want to go back to the status quo, or do we want to tackle these big structural problems and restructure our economy and reduce emissions and pollution?” stated Jacqueline Klopp, co-director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University.

Let’s not forget what we discovered about ourselves. Much of our lives revolve around school and our job that we often become dependent on these things, and it becomes a major part of our identity. Well, who are we without these things? Our job title has been taken away from many of us, but the hard work and determination we put in to get there is still apart of us.

“Being a lawyer isn’t a personality trait. However, the hard work and determination you had in becoming a lawyer is, and that tells you who you really are,” explained an undisclosed source.

This quarantine has also given us time to discover new hobbies and activities. It has also showed us how we react, how mentally tough we are, the best parts of our personality, and our priorities. We used this time to re-center and reconnect with what’s important, so let’s not lose focus when all this is done.

“I hope everyone learns something from this and has some kind of life guiding revelation from our time spent alone with our thoughts,” commented student Brooklyn Haycock.

Let’s not forget the importance of relationships, and what other people mean to us. It’s times like these that show us how lonely and hard life can be if you’re facing it alone. It’s times like these that also show us who the most important people in our lives are, and what those people truly mean to us. It’s times like these that show us how important human connection is, and how our relationships with those around us keep us grounded and sane.

Jazmine Russell, a holistic healer, said it best when she said times like these show us “how interconnected we all are, and the importance and meaning of human intimacy.”

Let’s not forget how everyone came together. How people spread hope and love through social media. A DJ, D-Nice, started playing long sets on Instagram live. It became dubbed “Club Quarantine”, and regular people and celebrities alike tuned in for some good music to dance to. Talk show hosts, like Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, started doing their show from their home to provide for some entertainment and a distraction. Lady Gaga and Global Citizen put on a “One World: Together at Home” concert with performances and messages from various artists and celebrities as a way to pay tribute to the workers on the front lines of this crisis.

Along with providing positive messages, celebrities also put their money where their mouth is and started donating to various charities and causes. Halsey purchased FDA certified surgical masks and distributed them to four hospitals of her choice. Pink donated have a million dollars to an inner-city hospital in North Philly. Ciara and Russell Wilson donated 1 million meals to a Seattle food bank. Tyler Perry paid for everybody’s groceries in multiple grocery stores in Atlanta during senior hour one morning. Lady Gaga’s concert also raised 127 million dollars for coronavirus relief efforts.

There have also been beautiful displays of humanity from ordinary people. Claire Young wrote about it best in her article “People worldwide rise up amidst coronavirus chaos.” (https://www.davishighnews.com/16657/opinion/people-worldwide-rise-up-amidst-coronavirus-chaos/)

Also, as many have already said, let’s not forget or take for granted the simple things in life. The enjoyment of being able to go to your favorite coffee shop and talk to your favorite barista. The ability to go to fun events and meet amazing new people. A simple hug, high five, or handshake. Just being able to live life without having to worry about some invisible killer.

Last, let’s not forget the different problems the world faces, how much still needs to be done to improve, and how we can do something about it.

“I want to remember that it’s times like these that determine who our society’s working for and who it’s not. These systems are not working, and we need to be doing something about it.” –Jazmine Russell