Girls Wrestling

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Girls are finally allowed to compete in wrestling at Davis High. Women are able to wrestle in college, but Davis High girls (and most high school girls) have not been allowed to, until now. The Davis High Wrestling team will include girls in their first preseason competition of the season this coming Saturday, October 10th. This is exciting news for the girls, who previously would have had to wrestle boys, which was awkward for everyone and only allowed in Jr. High 

According to Bear River High School Athletic Director Van Park “It is the fastest growing girls sport right now.  There are many scholarships opportunities available to female wrestlers that until now could not be utilized. Coach Roundy is certainly excited for the girls to have this opportunity.  

It’s about time that girls get their own platform to shine.  Women’s wrestling is an Olympic sport, Utah is finally catching up with the rest of the country,” says Roundy.

According to Analise Womack it is an empowering feeling.  

I feel accomplished, as if there is something I am doing that may affect other girls and might help them find their path.  It’s not about the competition it’s more about the way it makes you feel about yourself. It brings a sort of confidence and pride, it’s a sisterhood we are in. We are all going through it and learning together. There is no other sport I have played that is anywhere near the same type of energy. Wrestling is not only an individual sport but also a team sport the mindset is different,” claims Analise.

I am on the Davis wrestling team as well. We receive good coaching and tough critique, but we learn from it all. I enjoy the sport for many of the same reasons as Analise; I love to feel strong and powerful. Many people ask me if there is anything that bothers me about wrestling, and I don’t have any concerns. People have questioned the uniforms. We have the option of wearing singlets or fight gear, and I am personally a fan of the fight gear. I am glad to be a part of the Davis High Girls Wrestling team, and I’m excited to make friends and excel in the sport.