Faculty Spotlight: The Amazing Lexi Turley

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May 20, 2021

Some may know Ms. Turley as just our Davis High School English teacher, but many of you don’t know that under the mask, she’s a lot more like us than she leads on.

Turley actually graduated here at Davis Highschool, and in 2014 Turley was a senior with goals and working towards a tennis scholarship. She actually wasn’t studying to be a teacher.

“Originally I wanted to graduate with a medical degree” she states.

Her hard work paid off when she finally go the opportunity to play tennis for Utah State. She feeds her passion for tennis as she coaches both boys and girls. Many of her students rave about how nice and patient she is.

“Turley is an awesome Coach, she knows how to really push me and make me work hard but also give me the support and tips I need to get through a match. I couldn’t ask for a better fan!” Elle Ferguson, Davis High tennis player exclaims.

Turley overall loves her job. When asked what her least favorite thing about being a teacher was, she thought hard and came up with how she dislikes the stress of people turning in late work at the end of the term. As students we need to be respectful towards these teachers and their time, we all can make a better effort to respect of their deadlines to relieve some stress from their job.

“Covid has made it challenging to have class discussions, lectures, and group projects more than once a week,” Turley says in regards to the challenges of Covid-19

She tries her hardest to make her classroom clean, safe, and healthy environment for her students while continuing to have it a place for learning, growth, and communication.

Because of her kind spirit, teaching style, dedication, work ethic, and good attitude, we can all say that Turley is one of the best things about being here at Davis High. There isn’t a person you have met that says anything but good things about her.