Effects On Students Post Car Crash

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Multiple Davis High cheerleaders were in a car crash that left each one with injuries. About a month ago a group of cheerleaders were in a severe car crash leaving almost every girl with a concussion and/or other damages. The whole back end of the car belonging to Maddie Forster was smashed in and the opposite car of a Farmington high student was totaled in the front. Arlie Putnam, Ashlyn WalkerVienna Jacobs, and Dezirae Dayton all suffered from concussions. Arlie Putnam and Maddie Forster suffered facial injuries and Dezirae Dayton has head trauma, a broken pubic bone, and a broken hip. 

The schools are trying to have their students come back as soon as possible, but the girls are finding it hard to make it through the day without feeling the effects of their concussions. Though the school is understanding of the girls’ conditions. School being online is very hard for those with a concussion. The light from computer and devices affect the eyes very harshly and the girls must wear blue light glasses when they work on a computer.  

School wears me out, I can only go to a few periods before being mentally exhausted. My lip was split but has completely healed, but my concussion make tasks that used to be simple much harder. I often find myself tired and easily irritated, my eyes hurt and I have headaches. I think I will recover, but it will take time. I can’t cheer for a while because I can’t balance well enough to fly and have a hard time remembering some of the cheers. But despite how I feel or not, I cannot cheer until I’m cleared,” says Arlie Putnam.

School is going well for me, I couldn’t go for awhile and did fall behind. It was hard to concentrate in class and do online work. It was difficult to eat and speak with a swollen jaw. I no longer have any current symptoms other than a numb section on my jaw. After surgery I was tired and sore. But I think I’m healing well and won’t notice a difference going forward. I was cleared 10/20/20 to cheer at games and I can tumble, but I can’t stunt for another two months, explains Maddie Forster.

“My injuries at first made it so I could not walk, my body was in a lot of pain. I do online school at Career Path behind Davis high school, school hasn’t been hard for me this year. My teachers have worked with me and I only had issues my first week after the accident. I don’t have many symptoms anymore but a few days after being released from the hospital we discovered I had a blood clot. After being put on medication I feel so much better and, I am up and walking. I feel like I will get better but never be fully healed, I’m afraid to have another break to my hip,” explains Dezirae Dayton.