Class of 2019 Mob Spotlight

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Summer Plans
May 20, 2021

Two years ago, the Mob was born. Created by a friend group that explains themselves as misfits. Together they formed the legendary and iconic student section known as the MOB. The name and movement have now been passed down for two years and continues to ignite Davis school pride and spirit. At games, they started chants and cheered on the players. Now the question is, where are they now?

Garrett Cisneros the legendary and first MOB leader is now working to save up to go to school to further his education.

“I am just trying to figure life out and figure out who I am” states Cisneros.

As he is working on himself, he is also working on starting his own record label. Just like everyone else in these hard times, Garrett is just trying to survive by being healthy and safe.

Several of the original members are in college and either live together or live close. Branson, Chandler, Marshal, Chase, Weston, and Adam all like to hang out in their dorm and work on getting tik tok famous.

“I am in college and working on writing a movie” Says Chase Scovel.

A few others are on their missions and still, write weekly to stay in touch.

“Right now, I’m just working a ton so I can afford going on a long trip this spring. Some advice I’d like to give is to follow your passions and don’t worry what other people might think because after high school none of that matters,” says Seth Evans.

This is good advice to follow. After high school, things become more of a reality, and dreams, passions, and goals seem to be no longer realistic with the pressure of society. We can try and remember what Seth has said and push through and continue to dream and follow passions.

Even though this group is going to different places in life, the MOB has continued to carry the enthusiasm and hope through their personal lives. The MOB continues on, each year the faces of seniors change but as we learn from the 2019 gradates, we need to be louder and stronger. As the MOB we carry the school pride and in this is an important job we can look up to the examples of the original MOB.