How to Stay Happy During the Gloomy Winter

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May 20, 2021

As the weather grows colder and the sun tends to hide away, the seasonal depression starts to come out. I want to educate people on what I have learned to try and combat the winter blues. I have grown up with two sisters that have struggled with depression which as I have come to realize that almost everyone goes through lows and struggles. Whether it is a seasonal depression or just needing some self-help here are some helpful tips to stay positive.

Exercise is something that is very important and is something to try and incorporate into your daily life. The days I work out I tend to be in a better mood and happier. Daily exercise also helps with: sleep, endurance, stress relief, improvement in mood, increase in energy, reduced tiredness, increased mental alertness, and weight reduction. Working out doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym, but walking your dog, yoga, hit workouts, or dance all are examples of exercise.
When people get more depressed they push away loved ones. Try your best to notice if you are doing this and know that it is normal. Communicate with these people that are close in your life. Venting is always very healthy. Ask for advice and be open to acting on it.
Make future plans to be excited about. “Planning to go to Europe was the only thing at time that got me out of bed and gave me motivation to work hard” states Grace. Having something to plan and look forward to is always helpful when in a tough time. An end in sight allows you to recognize that this is hard in the present.
Mr. Frey teaches that these hard times and depressions are also beautiful. Instead of trying to push and hide sadness away, feel it, and accept it. Go out in nature and experience the beautiful earth. Depression and pain make us have deeper gratitude for happiness.