Subway: is it a good lunch location?

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Subway: is it a good lunch location?

Davis high lunch goes from 12:06 to 12:46, giving each student forty minutes to either leave the school and find somewhere to eat or wait in line for the school lunch. With the limited time, students have to stay close to the campus, further narrowing down their already small options.

If a student takes longer than 10 minutes to get to any fast food restaurant in Kaysville the lines are already 15 to 20-minute waits. If you need somewhere to go in a hurry, one of the best options for good fresh food is the subway on Main street.

With a short drive consisting of only 2 lights to get there, a cheap menu, good food, and fast working staff, Subway is the daily destination for students like Alex Lopez also known as Papi Chull.

“I like to cycle through everything on the menu on different days. Besides the vegetarian patties, those are gross,” Alex mentions when asked what his go-to is for Subway.

Carson Rasmussen, another student at Davis high who goes to the subway almost every day for lunch, prefers steak and cheese.

“Its [The steak and cheese] lit” is all Carson had to say explaining why it’s his go-to meal.

Both Carson and Alex both mentioned that they enjoy Subway because it is a healthy and cheap option when compared to other restaurants in Kaysville.

When it comes to things that Subway lacks, there are only a few.

“Their line goes fast but can get a little long, I wish they moved it outside so we don’t have to stand next to people eating,” explains Alex.

“I think their line situation needs to change to going outside the door not inside. The chips need relocating to the front by the cash register,” says Carson.

Next time you’re in the mood for a sandwich and the lunch bell rings, just run over to Subway and check it out.