Fashion around Davis

Hailey Thurgood
Fashion around Davis

So many people in the Davis School District have a strong passion and opinion about fashion. Fashion is an amazing outlet for creativity.

“I think that fashion is a way for people to express themselves,” says Caity Kellogg, a student at Davis High, when asked what her thoughts on fashion are.

People like Caity express themselves through their clothing. People find it fun looking at different styles and trying on many clothing brands.

However, fashion isn’t always perfect. Some people have other opinions and views on it.

“It is kind of scuffed. I think people should be able to wear whatever they want and have it be ‘fashionable’ and not be judged if it is up to date or not,” explains Emily Whear, a girl at Fairfield Jr. High.

She makes the point that sometimes when you wear what you find cute, others might judge. Being able to wear what you want and not care what others think is important to her. 

Comfort versus being fashionable is an important topic when it comes to fashion. Most people around Davis believe being comfortable is more important.

It is possible to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Many brands lately are trying to ensure that their clothing is cute and enjoyable to wear.

“I choose both! There is always a middle in between the two. I choose it because you get to look stunning but also get to feel like it’s the weekend at times,” says Emily Whear. 

It may be hard to find places to shop at. Pricing, style, and sizes vary at each place.

Pacsun because it has style, and their clothes are way comfortable and sometimes affordable,” explains Chris Knaaks.

Others enjoy thrift shopping. It is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. It is a cheap way to possibly find some cool items.

“I think that it’s a cheap way to find really cute clothes. We should always try to reuse and repurpose our clothes if we can instead of buying something brand new every time,” says Caity.

Over time fashion trends change and so does everyone’s style. Trends leave and come back. The amount of different styles there are is infinite.

My style has changed a ton and it’s made me more confident. And yes I really enjoy all the different looks,” explains Chris.

In general, there are many different opinions on fashion throughout Davis county. Fashion means something different to everyone and you shouldn’t judge someone else’s fashion just because it’s not your taste.